The history of the Cagliari company is the one of a family from Modena and represents the typical history of the last 150 years of Italy.
A story of men who became pioneers.
Driven by noble ideals and great courage, they crossed the ocean in search of a better future.

So it was for Ambrogio, who travelled to Brazil where he found a job in a coffee growing fazenda.
Thanks to his determination and seriousness, he soon got to deal with the selection and commercialization of green coffee.
From Sao Paulo he went to Bordeaux to spread Brazilian coffee in Europe, in a slow journey back home.
Where he returned in 1909, he inaugurated his roasting and tasting store in the center of Modena.

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donne stabilimento

Since then, it has been the story of a company run by the same family, like few others.
In the post-war period it took an industrial dimension.
It has always maintained contact with its past, with family values and with the people who have chosen to dedicate their entire working life to it.

1909, the year of the first workshop

17 thousand Lire, the high cost of the first French roaster

Early 60s, the transition to industrial roasting

1973, Luigi and Alberto awarded in Rome by the then Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti

The 4th generation of the Cagliari family enters the company in 1996 with Alessandra Cagliari

Packaging with aroma retention 10 times higher, thanks to the high-pressure valve

In 2009, on the occasion of the company's centenary, the Museum dedicated to professional coffee machines was inaugurated, one of the most complete collections in the world

More than 40 countries in the world where you can taste a cup of Cagliari coffee

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