How, where and how much we select the origins of our coffee

Often we don’t think about it, but when the coffee is harvested it is still enclosed in a red berry.
And that’s not a detail.

The organoleptic characteristics of the coffee cup depend on the raw coffee from which it is extracted. In turn, raw coffee has different characteristics depending on the altitude at which it was grown, as well as the climate and soil.

That’s why we take great care in selecting the origins that create our blends.

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We still adopt separate roasting. We are among the few to do so.

There is industrial roasting, which is more convenient and economical.
And then there is separate roasting.

It requires a longer and more complex process, yet we prefer it. Because by roasting each type of coffee individually with times and temperatures studied exactly for it, the intrinsic characteristics of each bean are preserved and its aromas are exalted.

Only then the coffees are blended according to the recipes of the Cagliari family. In this way, each bean will be able to express its tastes and aromas at its best, and only in this way the final blend will have a homogeneous color.

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For more than 110 years, every year we are trying to improve

Along the century and more of activity of Caffè Cagliari, every day we have thought about how to improve our production processes.

But that's not all: we are now building the new innovative automated warehouse and the new management and operational headquarters ... and after that it will be the turn of the training center and the company museum.

In 2019 we achieved organic certification of the entire supply chain according to European standards. Also in 2019 we got the Halal and Kosher certification and in the 2021 BRC and IFS.