The processing systems

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Throughout the production phases, from roasting to packaging, our coffee is subjected to strict quality controls, carried out by repeated laboratory exams and tests to check the quality of the in-cup result. Furthemore, microbiological analysis is also performed on samplings of the finished product to further guarantee the quality of Cagliari coffee.

From bean to cup: a guaranteed product, step by step





Quality of raw materials

As with any species of vegetation, coffee is also affected by the characteristics of the place where it is grown (altitude, climate, terrain) and it is for this reason that in the search for quality, Caffè Cagliari starts with the careful selection of the best plantations around the world, capable of offering different varieties of raw coffee, all with high organoleptic properties.

Once reaching the Italian ports, after strict controls and analyses have been performed, green coffee is transported in tankers to the Caffè Cagliari plant, where it is further cleaned and then stored in silos. This modern transport and storage system is much hygienic and more rational compared to traditional bags. A fully developed information system is used to monitor the different batches of coffee through the various processing phases, up to final packaging.

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Coffee processing: roasting

Caffè Cagliari is one of the few coffee roasting plants which still uses the traditional “separate roasting” method: to protect the homogeneity of the colour and flavour of every bean, and bring out the aroma, the “cooking” times and temperatures must be specifically adjusted to each variety of coffee. After roasting, the beans are air-cooled and then stored in their respective store rooms. It is only at this point that the different varieties of roasted coffee are rapidly blended together, following time-honoured Caffè Cagliari recipes to obtain the same, aromatic blend every time. This method requires longer and more complex processes, extensive knowledge, and a large storage capacity, but the effort is repaid with an extremely high-quality end product.

The new roasting system, branded “Probat”, guarantees the perfect roasting of every type of coffee.



Product-enhancing packaging

Coffee beans designed for professional use are available in 1 kg bags which are equipped with special, high-pressure one-way valves which preserve the organoleptic properties of the coffee, thus guaranteeing an exceptional in-cup result.
For home consumption, to satisfy different tastes and all consumers’ needs, different blends are available in a wide range of sizes and forms: 125 g – 250 g – 500 g bags of coffee beans – ground coffee for cafetieres – ground coffee for home espresso machines, tins, pods, and capsules.

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