Coffee extraction

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The espresso coffee is extracted by the percolation technique, where the hot water passes through the coffee table and drops quickly into the cup.


Espresso is the coffee preparation that requires more experience and skill.
It is essential for a professional barman to follow simple but important steps during the extraction, and perform a series of checks and activities of ordinary maintenance of the equipment.
In summary, the so-called 4”M” rule must be respected:


Using a good coffee blend (“Miscela”) is the indispensable starting point for preparing an excellent espresso coffee. Coffee is an hygroscopic product, so it is important to keep the packs in a cool, dry, and odourless place.
The grinder-dose (“Macinadosatore”) is a fundamental tool that grinds coffee beans and delivers the correct amount of powdered coffee needed to extract the espresso.
The Espresso Machine (“Macchina per espresso”) allows you to get the real Italian espresso and it must use freshly purified network water.
Even though today’s equipment is highly sophisticated, the expertise, professionalism and the bartender’s hand (“Mano”) remain a key component in extracting a perfect Italian espresso and preparing a cappuccino perfectly done.