Service and Distribution

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Caffè Cagliari products are distributed across the entire country and within foreign markets, which are increasingly in search of high-quality blends from the Italian market, as our blends are the result of a perfect combination of traditional knowledge and technological expertise. Given the strong link between the company and the territory, the brand holds a position of absolute prominence in the market of Emilia Romagna, and its sales organisation is now spanning across the entire country.
Caffè Cagliari serves the HO.RE.CA distribution channel (bars, cafes, restaurants, communities) and the domestic distribution channel (LDCs and traditional retail market).


Two independent sales organisations, various local distribution centres, and a fleet of company vehicles are in place to ensure that the requirements of the two channels are satisfied, while guaranteeing punctual and regular deliveries.

Product and service


To the public distribution channel (Ho.Re.Ca)we are able to dedicate a high-quality product and level of service:

  • innovative packages for professional use, equipped with high-pressure one-way valves which guarantee the preservation of the aromas and freshness.
  • a network of professionals dedicated to post-sale help and assistance for Caffè Cagliari clients, ensuring the maximum satisfaction of the bartenders.


A truly vast range of blends, qualities, packages, and formats are dedicated to the domestic consumption market, in order to enhance the quality of Cagliari coffee and satisfy every habit and taste