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The tradition of Caffè Cagliari started in 1895 when the founder Ambrogio Cagliari, in his early twenties, had the courage to emigrate to Brazil to follow his dream of a better future. When he started working in the coffee plantations, he felt in love with the world of coffee and in a short time, from being a simple labourer, he became a great expert in the selection and roasting of coffee beans.

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Ambrogio returned to Italy in 1909 and opened the first shop for coffee roasting and tasting in the city of Modena. His experience in the processing and international trading of coffee brought instant success. As earlyas 1911 the company won the gold medal at the International Fair in Genoa.

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Between the wars, the company evolved and the roasting plant was moved to another site. The shop moved to larger premises, becoming the “great bar that stays open all night” as mentioned by the writer Antonio Delfini. In 1939 Ambrogio handed the company over to his sons.

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Ambrogio’s three sons gave a new impetus to the company business, especially Luigi who took over the management of the coffee roasting in his father’s footsteps. The design of the brand with the coffee pot dates back to that period and soon became known everywhere as a symbol of quality.

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In 1963 the new roasting plant on the Via Emilia was opened with a modern production department, offices and representative spaces. A few years later the company together with the use of the brand was taken over by Luigi and his son Alberto.

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In 1979 Alberto took over the company making a number of significant changes and further enhancing a brand that currently has an annual consumption of hundreds of million cups across 40 countries worldwide.

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In 1996 Alberto’s daughter Alessandra joined the company, representing the fourth generation of the family and giving a boost to communication and marketing. Among the innovations, there was the introduction in 2006 of the special high pressure valves in the packagings dedicated to professionals.



The innovative bag with a special high pressure valve is introduced for grain packs dedicated to the professional sector.
In the same year, “La Scuola del Caffè” company training center was inaugurated.

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In 2009, on the 100th anniversary of the company, the company museum dedicated to the Coffee Machines was opened, an extraordinary collection, with more than 120 specimens of great historical and artistic value.

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The family tradition continues, set apart from the competition thanks to its dedication to quality. 120 years after the Ambrogio’s courageous choice, Alessandra Cagliari has created a new project of global importance: the concept store Casa del Caffè Cagliari.