The historic Modenese roasting company Caffè Cagliari S.p.A. is proud to announce the registration of its brand in the Register of Historic Brands of National Interest, created by the Ministry of Economic Development to protect the industrial property of historic Italian companies and celebrate the excellence of Italy.

“It is an extraordinary honor for our family and for all those who have contributed to the success of Caffè Cagliari to see our brand included in the Register of Historical Brands of National Interest” - declare Alberto and Alessandra Cagliari - “This recognition is a testimony of our constant commitment and the passion that has guided us for four generations. We will continue to work with the same dedication to pass on our century-old heritage and serve our customers the best that Italy has to offer.”

Awarded only to brands that have been on the market for at least 50 years, the recognition also honored the iconic Cagliari brand, designed in 1960 by Modenese illustrator Prof. Noris Cattini and filed the following year, described as follows: 'The mark consists of a circle within which, the capital letter C stands out; this letter, in addition to being the initial of the surname of the company owners, constitutes the main part of the body of a coffee pot, with the base in the lower part, lid in the upper part and spout on the side and opposite the writing of the surname'.

5 Marchio

The brand name, still present today in the company logo, is tangible evidence of the identity, tradition and innovation that has characterized the history of Caffè Cagliari for over a century.

The history of Caffè Cagliari began in 1909, when Ambrogio Cagliari, returning from Brazil, inaugurated in Modena the first shop for roasting and tasting coffee. From that moment on, a long history of Italian entrepreneurship and passion for coffee began, which crossed the continents and continued for four generations until it became identified with Modenese memory and tradition.

The inclusion of Caffè Cagliari in the Register of Historic Brands of National Interest not only celebrates the past, but looks confidently towards the future, supporting the company's legacy and its essential role in the promotion of Made in Italy throughout the world.