Espresso Bar won the gold medal

11 Dec Espresso Bar won the gold medal

International Coffee Tasting Asia: Espresso Bar won the gold medal
The blend Espresso Bar – Caffè Cagliari won the gold medal at theInternational Coffee Tasting Asia contest, section Espresso Italiano, held in Taiwan on last 1st and 2nd December.
Eighty-nine coffees from ten different countries were contending for the top place, compared by a panel of 20 judges from Taiwan, Korea, China and Japan. The Caffè Cagliari’s blend Espresso Bar was among the winners. Born in 2006 for the professionals and composed by the finest coffe roasted separately, the blend packaging is equipped with a special one-way high pressure valve which does not allow the escape of natural flavours.
The competition, the only one to reward the best coffee through modern sensory analysis, has been organized by the International Institute of Coffee Tasters (IIAC), in cooperation with Taiwanese division and supported by Tasters Study Centre.