Company Mission


150 million cups of coffee, carefully prepared one by one

It was in 1909 that Ambrogio Cagliari, after many years spent in Brazil and a great number of awards for his highly-acclaimed coffee blends, opened the first coffee roasting and tasting shop in Modena. For more than 100 years and across four generations, the Cagliari family has passed on their knowledge of the origins of coffee and their production secrets and experience, together with a profound and sincere adoration for coffee. Over time, the Cagliari family transformed their small shop Bottega del Caffè, to which the blend with the same name is dedicated, into a modern and state-of-the-art company that remained faithful to its most important founding value: quality. This is an objective which has been accomplished through the constant search for the best plantations and the best quality of raw coffee, toasting the different types of coffee them one by one before artfully blending them to create the wide range of Caffè Cagliari products.

caffe brasile cagliari

An ancient recipe

Traditional recipes are modified over time, in line with new consumers’ tastes and habits, and today Caffè Cagliari is one of the major coffee roasting plants, operating both in the bar and domestic settings, in Italy and abroad: the brand now covers an annual consumption of around 150 million cups of coffee!

scuole_caffe_CagliariSchool of coffee

Caffè Cagliari has confirmed its mission with the School of Coffee, a training centre promoted by the company and dedicated to coffee professionals and enthusiasts. Through different courses, the school contributes to the diffusion of a more vast and profound coffee culture, and to the creation of professional figures that are increasingly better equipped to make Espresso tasting an essential sensory experience. At the school, specialisation courses are also held for obtaining the Coffee Taster License and Espresso Italiano Specialist Certificate.

museo salaAThe Cagliari Museum

Few things harmonise history, modernity, tradition and technology as well as coffee does. The Caffè Cagliari “Coffee Machines” Collection gathers over 80 Espresso coffee machines for bars, ranging from the early steam-powered column-shaped machines of the early 1900s, to the manual lever-driven machines of the post-war period, and to the continuous supply models of the 1960s. Another factor demonstrating the love affair between man and coffee.