Italian espresso


To let you enjoy the more than 700 aromas present in coffee, and the harmonious contrast of sensations on the palate, every cup should be a “perfect Espresso”. A cup of perfect Espresso should have a cream that is hazelnut-vaguely reddish color, occasionally with dark brown streaks, fine and uniform mesh, with a thickness of 3-4 mm, compact and long-lasting.
Full body, round taste with long persistence on the palate, balanced aroma.


The parameters for a perfect espresso:

• Appropriate grinding
• Ideal dose of 7.5g
• Straight coffee pressure in the filter holder (ideal 20 kg)
• Pump pressure set at 10 atmospheres + 1
• Temperature of the water in the group between 88° and 92 °C
• Delivery time 25”-30”
• Volume of the Espresso 25 ml + 5
• Temperature of the Espresso 67 °C + 3


The surplus or the lack of even just one of these parameters breaks a precious balance and adversely affects the result in cup.
To learn more about extracting a perfect espresso, we invite you to attend the Barista Profession Course at our company training center Scuola del Caffè Cagliari”.

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