The perfect italian cappuccino

White-coloured cream, adorned with a brown border (with hazelnut-brown patterns on the decorated cappuccino), with a very fine mesh, and very fine holes or none at all.
Full and creamy body, with slight bitterness and almost imperceptible acidity, intense flavour.


The parameters of a perfect cappuccino

  • 25 ml of perfect Espresso
  • 100 ml of milk well-frothed with steam – during the frothing phase the volume of milk increases and becomes about 125 ml, therefore the cup must have a bigger capacity than the total sum of the quantity of Espresso and milk.
  • Fresh cow’s milk, cold (3-5 °C), whole (with a minimum protein content of 3.2% and 3.5% fat).
  • Ideal temperature of 55 °C (if the milk has been frothed correctly, otherwise the tactile perception of the temperature will vary depending on the consistency: if it is more liquid it is perceived as hotter, if it is creamier it is perceived as warmer)
  • Cup filled to the brim, with an evident dome of froth


How to prepare a cappuccino

It is very important to follow the proper technique and timing when you prepare a cappuccino:

  1. The first step, very delicate and to be carried out using the proper technique, involves frothing or emulsifying the milk to keep all the nutrients in the milk well mixed with together. In the final stage of the frothing step, the whirling action in the milk jug breaks down any large bubble and releases a white, firm and persistent cream, with fine inlaid pattern of bubbles, which lends itself to a perfect polish.
  2. Now you must deliver the Espresso into the cup and simultaneously prepare the mise en place.
  3. Then you must proceed to homogenize and polish the cream. The barman has to rotate the jug to obtain good consistency and a shiny and smooth surface.
  4. Finally the barman pours the smooth and compact cream into the cup, with a skilful movement of the wrist.

For more info about how to prepare a perfect Italian cappuccino, we suggest you to ask local Caffè Cagliari distributor about coffee training courses schedule.

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