Puro 44

This number hides the secret of the refined Arabica coffee. The only quality in the world provided with extraordinary genetic richness, with its 44 chromosomes, the Arabica excels in everything that makes a fine coffee: more taste nuances, more aromatic sensations, more delicacy and less caffeine. A refined blend of pure Arabica coffees from Central and South America, wisely created to turn the notes of each single origin into an enveloping symphony of aromas. Puro 44 is a pleasantly full-bodied coffee that conquers the palate with its gentle, balanced and persistent taste. The sweet notes of chocolate and caramel typical of Guatemala are combined with the fruity hints of citrus of Colombian coffee. Puro 44 is born to amaze the coffee lovers and to pamper the palate of true connoisseurs. A line that is immediately noticed for the refined and elegant design of the tin and the coordinated materials for merchandising.

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