The first Casa del Caffè Cagliari opens in Fukuoka

Caffè Cagliari S.p.A. announces the opening of the first franchising store Casa del Caffè.


Premiered at the last edition of the fair Host – Milan, the concept store Casa del Caffè Cagliari aroused immediate interest among international investors. In particular Japan has been reconfirmed as plenty of opportunities for company, where the last year has been founded the Cagliari International Japan Ltd.


The first venue of the chain will be inaugurated on December, 18th in Fukuoka, the third largest city in Japan by population and well-known for the strong presence of activities related to food service. The first Casa del Caffè Cagliari will be a flagship store, which covers an area of ​​more than 200 square meters, offering a wide range of Italian products, from Cagliari Coffee to gastronomic proposals that combine typical products of Modena and Italian cuisine, available at different times of the day.


Designed to meet the many contemporary opportunities, the format Casa del Caffè Cagliari is adaptable to different types of location and investment. The flexibility of the project permits to effectively place it within large surfaces (Flagship store), in standard contexts (Retail stores) and small areas (Corner).


Caffè Cagliari, rooted in the territory and strong of a four generations tradition, tip on the combination of espresso quality and excellences of Modena area. The project Casa del Caffè is inspired by the uniqueness of Modena, to recreate in each store warm and friendly atmosphere typical of the city, where every customer can experience the unique history of the Cagliari family in an incomparable place.



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