Caffè Cagliari Collection Museum

One of the largest museums of Italian Espresso coffee machine in the world: more than 100 examples of great historical and stylistic value, from the first steam-powered, column-shaped machines of the early 1900s, to the manual lever machines of the post-war period, up to the first continual flow models of the 1960s.
Veritable “jewels” of Italian technique and design.


The tour is aimed at all those who may be interested: private individuals, professionals, journalists, and secondary schools.

The guided tour lasts around 30 minutes.Once a month the museum is open to the public, free of charge. Contact us for checking the dates. Group tours can also be booked.

Visit the website: www.collezionecaffecagliari.it

Contact  for checking the dates. Group tours can also be booked.
ph. 059 376811 – Fax. +39 059 367356 / info@collezionecaffecagliari.it