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Choosing a cup of Cagliari coffee means entering a special history which began more than 100 years ago in the plantations of Brazil: it was here that, at the end of the 1800s, Ambrogio Cagliari fell hopelessly in love with coffee, and his desire awoke to unearth every secret about coffee.
A man blessed with a sophisticated palate, he soon became an expert roaster, receiving important awards for his excellent blends. In 1909 he returned to Modena and opened his Coffee Shop, triggering the start of a great company tradition. Today, the Cagliari family is still telling this story with the same passion and knowledge of their ancestor.


The history of Caffè Cagliari narrates the true passion for coffee of four generations from the same family. This passion has been made clear by the prestigious awards the company has been granted, and by the ambitious goals it has achieved: they confirm the quality of the products, blends, and the entrepreneurial spirit of the men who worked so successfully over the company life.


Did you know that an Espresso can be under-extracted, over-extracted or simply... perfect? In fact, even when the blend is the same, the in-cup result and the pleasure coffee can offer depend on many factors.

Care during preparation can develop or squander all the research and care that has preceded the extraction: it is enough to set the coffee machine temperature too high, ground the coffee too finely or too coarsely, or use an incorrect dose or degree of pressure, to ruin the balance and negatively affect this "in-cup result".


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