Caffè Cagliari, our 100 years of passion for fine coffee



Caffè Cagliari, our 100 years of passion for fine coffee

In 2009, the company reached the landmark achievement of 100 years of activity, a far cry from 1909 when a Cagliari family’s ancestor opened the first shop for coffee roasting and tasting in Modena. To celebrate this anniversary, a series of events and activities were organised across the entire year in order to seal the Cagliari family’s tradition and passion for coffee. In particular, three competitions were introduced involving the owners of the bars supplied by the company, and all those who every day enjoy the aroma of Caffè Cagliari.

In order to involve all institutions: collaborators of the past and present, our clients and our partners, on 26 and 27 September 2009 a fantastic party was organised in dedication to Caffè Cagliari and its 100th anniversary. The party took place in its historical headquarters in Modena with a programme brimming with events which were met with great consensus and participation. In the company of the Mayor of Modena and municipal authorities, the “Coffee Machine Collection” Company Museum was opened : a collection of over 80 espresso coffee machines of high historical and stylistic value. From the first steam-powered, column-shaped machines of the early 1900s, to the manual lever or piston-driven machines of the post-war period, up to the first continuous flow machines in the ’60s and ’70s. A book/catalogue has also been dedicated to the collection, which was presented at the opening and handed out to those present. During the course of the weekend, over one thousand clients and “friends” of Cagliari coffee were in attendance with the families in Modena, to visit the company’s production process and the museum, as well as to raise a glass together. Furthermore, some bars were given the necessary qualification to serve Certified Italian Espresso, as well as the announcement of the winners of the various competitions organised for the centenary.


Big Competition “100 years together – 100 prizes for you

To award our end customer, along with bar owners supplied by Caffè Cagliari, a competition idea was been put forward using scratchcards hidden inside packs of Cagliari coffee at bars and relevant food outlets: up for grabs, 100 capsule and extraction coffee machines and the super-prize of a trip for two to Brazil.


“Faces from the Bar” Photo Competition

Reserved for Caffè Cagliari clients, this competition followed the theme “Bar life – habitual coffee – faces of bar owners”.


“Cocktails of the Centenary” Competition

To come up with the centenary’s official cocktail, it was impossible not to the involve Caffè Cagliari coffee makers, who had to create strictly coffee-based cocktails, which were then selected by a panel of expert AIBES (Italian Association of Barmen and Supporters) barmen.


The book “Caffè Cagliari: 100 years of passion for fine coffee!”

At the end of the year, at the climax of this historic anniversary, the book “Caffè Cagliari: 100 years of passion for fine coffee!” was created and given to all of our clients and interlocutors. The book is a rich collection of images and excerpts which travel through the challenges of the company and the family, elaborating the history and culture of coffee; something which Caffè Cagliari has heavily invested in. The pages recount four generations of love for coffee and 100 years of experience carefully passed down from father to son.